Fake Plastic Souks: Of Gaza And Telegenically Dead Palestinians

Posted on the July 21st, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

(Photo credit: AlphaBetaUnlimited)I have long been struck by how little people back home knew - or cared - about the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.Advancing that understanding was a big part of my intent in writing Olives - A Violent Romance, ...

Fake Plastic Souks: We Are Amused

Posted on the July 17th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The strange and, well, basically 'wrong' minds behind the Pan Arabia Enquirer have long provided me with much gentle amusement, even though I have been associated with many who have for one reason or another been horrifie...

One Nine Seven One: The Review AE: The X-Men, Militant Islam and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement

Posted on the July 10th, 2014 under Uncategorized by

If there is one thing the X-Men franchise has shown, is that Hollywood and by extension the rest of its society, still has a lack of understanding of the fundamental components of hate, prejudice and why their society remains divided. Within the fictio...

Fake Plastic Souks: Bee Bones

Posted on the July 4th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

Back in 2007, a post on uber-blog Boing Boing alerted me to a new website from Harper Collins Publishers called 'Authonomy'. The site allowed you to upload the first 10,000 words of your book and then have other writers critique your work or vote it to...

One Nine Seven One: The Review AE: 10 Positive ‘Hollywood’ Movies about Muslim’s and Islam

Posted on the July 3rd, 2014 under Uncategorized by

Hollywood, ‘Western’ movies and Islam have always had an uneasy relationship. From cliched orientalist representations of Arab culture evident in films like Sinbad and Lawrence of Arabia, to the overtly offensive and Islamaphobic blockbuster featur...

Fake Plastic Souks: The Infinity Conundrum

Posted on the June 27th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

 (Photo credit: mag3737)Professor Liddle seemed to appraise his visitor coolly. Urquhart wore a camel greatcoat and a trilby. Unbuttoning the coat revealed a moss green suit, on his feet brown brogues finished off the odd appearance of a man outsi...

Fake Plastic Souks: On Writing Books

Posted on the June 25th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

Quill (Photo credit: campra)There you are, head thoroughly in the clouds. You're in the middle of a rainy day in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. It's cold and there's a wind - what they call in Ireland a 'lazy wind', the type that can't be bothered to go aroun...

Fake Plastic Souks: Shaheen The Camel. A New Gulf News High.

Posted on the June 15th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

Gulf News is breathlessly presenting the World Cup match winner choices of 'Shaheen', a camel apparently blessed with octopus-like powers of footbally prescience. Or as GN puts it, 'our resident hump-backed football genius."Shaheen is placed next to tw...

Fake Plastic Souks: HSBC IVR SNAFU

Posted on the June 11th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

(Photo credit: lipjin)HSBC has, in a moment of rare brilliance, broken its IVR. Not that it was ever an IVR to write home about in the first place, but now they've really cemented things and ensured it doesn't let you do telephone banking.The one thing...

Fake Plastic Souks: Amazon, Createspace And When Customer Service Goes Heroic

Posted on the June 9th, 2014 under Personal Bloggers by

So my third serious novel, Shemlan: A Deadly Tragedy is only available online, there's no Middle East edition. Don't you just loathe people who start sentences with 'so'? Me too.You can buy Shemlan as a paperback from Amazon.com (and the various Amazon...

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