Fake Plastic Souks: A Dubai Writer’s Workshop – Book Writing, Editing And Publishing

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The Brand Spanking New Bookshop at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)STOP PRESSActually, it wasn't so bad and we had seats for everyone, so DO please feel free to come along to the next workshop on Editing on the 21st! :)So you think you might...

One Nine Seven One: The Review AE: Why Transformers: The Age of Extinction is a good film.

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Marky Mark: A welcomed inclusion to the Transformers franchiseCloser to the spirit of the first The Transformers movie and the 1980s TV show and comics, Transformers: Age Of Extinction - the fourth in the rebooted series - is a marked improvement...

Fake Plastic Souks: The Great Dubai Razor Rebellion.

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 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The Gillette website is a hoot. One of the sections of the site, richly packed with relevant content, is titled 'how to shave' and has some highly useful video demonstrations suitable for any educationally subnormal macaq...

Fake Plastic Souks: Book Review: Desert Taxi

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 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)You'll find it hard to find a copy of this. Amazon's selling one - if I were you, I'd rush over and snap it up. It's out of print - a gem that deserves SO much more than oblivion.I love this book. It's a treasured possess...

Fake Plastic Souks: JW’s Steakhouse, Dubai

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When it opened, something like 20 years ago, JW's Steakhouse was the place to go in Dubai. I kid you not. People flocked to the joint, they had to put tables outside under the staircase. You'd have to make reservations weeks in advance. Every weekend, ...

Christopher Saul's Blog: Driving home

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I think it might take longer than 72 hours these days.

Fake Plastic Souks: Stalled. A Writer’s Nightmare.

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I've stalled on the new book. I've written not one word since before the Summer hols. I made some notes and stuff in Belfast and Newry, I sat down for a long chat with a 'Shinner' MP and former IRA man while I was in 'Noori', that fine town in 'Norn Ir...

Fake Plastic Souks: Reminiscences (Apropos Nothing)

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)So we are taken from gin pahits to fags to reminiscing in general. It's been a strange week all round.This memory hit me today as I chatted with the feared Grey Havens Gang - the first such convo in a while, actually...For a lo...

Christopher Saul's Blog: What do cows say?

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Christopher Saul's Blog: Not much sympathy

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I don’t really have much sympathy for these people’s complaints. Whether you like it or not, having visible tattoos may well affect your employment prospects – that should have been pretty clear to everyone when they decided to get them in th...