Fake Plastic Souks: Emirates LitFest 2015 Author Lineup Shock Horror

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They've been and gone and done it. Last night in a glittering gala event with thousands of sizzling gypsies, the LitFest gang announced the 2015 lineup of authors who'll be workshopping, talking, panel sessioning and generally bringing books, poetry an...

Christopher Saul's Blog: This just in from Saudi

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We can always thanks the Gulf News for the latest cutting edge reports on what’s going on in Saudi. Poor bride.

Christopher Saul's Blog: There’s a market for everything

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I’ve often wondered what happens to the inordinate amount of bread that gets thrown away every day in Dubai. Every Lebanese or Indian restaurant or takeaway meal comes with enough bread to sustain a family for several weeks – I’d always assum...

Fake Plastic Souks: Headed For Cairo

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)It's been over seven years now since I was last a visitor to The Mother of the World (and, actually, that trip was itself my first for eight years. So you could say I was a little out of touch). A lot has happened since - Tahri...

One Nine Seven One: The Review AE: Anyone’s like or dislike of Interstellar is simply…. relative.

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Following in the wake of last year’s Gravity, while paying homage to Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Carl Sagan’s Contact, Director Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi mega feature ‘Interstellar’,  is the latest Hollywood blockbuster ...

Fake Plastic Souks: A Day In The Life

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English: Ian Dury in concert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Please note: this post is best read from the bottom up.6.30pmWhat happened?Setting out to live blog a day when you're clearly in the poo for time and have a brand new Samsung which you don't know h...

Christopher Saul's Blog: Forty and the Seychelles

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I turned forty last week. We had our first big get together, putting the garden to good use. Shwarmaman was in attendance and the dress code for ‘gentlemen’ was checked shirt and shorts. Then we had a really tough week in the Seychelles. ...

One Nine Seven One: The Review AE: Shut up your mouse Obama – and how the Arab media continues to get it wrong.

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By Hussein AlatoliCould Mona Al Beheiri the simple yet charismatic Egyptian mother who rocketed to online superstar meme status with her grammatically incorrect attack against President Barak Obama asking him to shut his mouse, be the future of Arabic ...

Fake Plastic Souks: ExpatWoman Festive Family Fair Fun

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I might have forgotten to mention this (I didn't? Oh, goodie!), but kids' author Rachel Hamilton and I will be on the Terrace at the ExpatWoman Festive Family Fair this coming Saturday (the 8th November) over at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.Let's...

Fake Plastic Souks: Mobile Money, Apple Pay And Disintermediation

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Dead. Yeah. Dead.Funny, I started yesterday with a post about mobiles and ended it talking about disintermediation. Hence a new post.Disintermediation is what the Internet does to people who are selling privileged access to things. The Internet destroy...