Ginger and Scotch: Birthday Party at Ella’s Creamery (Dubai Parks and Resorts)

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Birthday Party at Ella’s Creamery (Dubai Parks and Resorts)We hosted our daughter’s third birthday party at Ella’s Creamery – a 1950s American-themed ice cream parlor located in Dubai Parks and Resorts.
I don’t know who was more excited about having a kids birthday party at an ice cream parlor – my daughter who has a huge sweet tooth or the other little 3-year-old boys and girls who were allowed to indulge in quite a lot of ice cream and other sweeties.
The Party Set-Up
A very girlie theme to suit my very girlie daughter with pink helium balloons and delicate, white china plates (which thankfully no one broke!).
My mom was in town and she helped me sew little aprons as party favors for the kids – they were so freaking adorable in them.

Crazy Shake Workshop
The kids arrived and were seated at the party table where they were treated to a Crazy Shake workshop.
Each child was given a mason jar to decorate which were later filled with scoops of ice cream and strawberry or chocolate milkshakes.

The staff demonstrated how to first cream the rim of the mason jar with colorful frosting which acted as the glue for marshmallows and other goodies.
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