Ginger and Scotch: Fairy Tales on the River @ Dubai Parks and Resorts

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Fairy Tales on the River @ Dubai Parks and ResortsOnce upon a time, in a Dubai Land not so far away, a little girl became Princess for a day.
She was lavished with a sumptuous feast of local Emirati delicacies that included grilled fish, chicken biryani, sweet rice, lentil soup… But being a typical little girl, she survived only on bread and Cheerios so while her family devoured all the splendid food, she nibbled delicately only on Khameer bread.

Then the Little Princess was whisked away onto a ferry boat that took her up and down the realm of Dubai Land passing by some of her favorite lands including her favorite, Legoland, and mommy and daddy’s favorite village (Irish Village) because she’s told that this special place sells the most splendid pints of amber and golden drinks.
Alighting from her magical boat ride, the Little Princess was shown to a special dressing room where she was sprinkled with fairy dust, dressed in fairy wings and crowned with a princess cap. At that very moment, there was no happier girl in the realm.


Soon she was joined by other little princesses and princes from other far away lands to enjoy one of her favorite pastimes: storytelling.
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