Ginger and Scotch: How to Make Your Own Vietnamese Curry Powder

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How to Make Your Own Vietnamese Curry PowderMake your own blend of Vietnamese curry powder from scratch instead of using store-bought or if you don’t have access to a specialty Asian market.
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Before any other curry touched my lips, there was Vietnamese curry. It was, and still is, a staple at my mom’s house.
Coconut- and tomato-based, thickened by starchy potatoes, I prefer my Viet curry not too soupy-thin yet not too stewy-thick. Like all curries and stews, it’s better the next day. Click here for the recipe to my Vietnamese chicken curry.
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Until recently, I’ve been making my Vietnamese chicken curry with store-bought Vietnamese curry powder from Vietnam. But as I got down to my last curry packet, I resolved to grind my own spices and make my own blend.
I used to be unfamiliar and confused at all the different kinds of spices. Words like cardamon, fennel, and turmeric were all Greek to me.
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