Fake Plastic Souks: How To Self Publish Your Book In Dubai. Or Anywhere Else, For That Matter…

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I just thought this was more fun than the EAFOL logo, to be honest…The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is once again upon us. Yup, that was a year right there.I’m doing  workshop on how to self publish in the UAE, although you’d be able to use the info to self publish in Copenhagen, Watford or even, to remain topical to our peregrinations last weekend, Kathmandu.I’m also doing a Q&A panel session on publishing, apparently which seems to have become an annual event confirming me as the UAE’s poster child for self publishing. Which is all very nice, but I’d honestly rather be talking about censorship, selling books, telling stories, spies in the Middle East or the region’s troubled relationship with narrative fiction, building a sense of place in novels, terrorism in fiction or a number of other aspects of my booky life. Hey ho.The How to Self Publish EAFOL Workshop is linked here for your ticket-buying pleasure: that’s Dhs 250 to you, mate.What do you get for your Dhs 250? Well, you get to be shouted at by me for two hours. You’ll also learn about editing, cover design, page layout, formatting your core manuscript, file management, rights, ISBNs and copyright, dealing with the National Media Council and booksellers in the UAE, printing books and mounting to sites like Amazon – as well as ebooks and Kindle, Apple, B&N and other online outlets. Then we’ll also explore book marketing and promotion, online marketing, using dashboards and other booky sales stuff.In short, a grounding of all you need to know to publish your own book effectively, to the highest possible quality and directed at the widest possible audience. Not bad, eh?Sign up right here! Right now! 

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