One Nine Seven One: The Review AE: Islam, Science, The Multiverse and Space Travel

Posted on the February 7th, 2017 under Uncategorized by

Did Imam Al Ghazali destroy scientific development in the Middle East?  We have again assisted the aspiring YouTuber Amjad Abdelhamid on his new channel to help question how far behind is the Middle East in scientific development. The video goes from The Islamic Golden Age of Science with popular scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson’s scathing critique of Imam Al Ghazali (one of the most influential Islamic theologians and philosophers of all time), to a brief look at how Islam’s notion of Quantum Mechanics and The Multiverse predates our 21st Century understanding, to the Arab World’s attempts at joining the space race.Amjad AbdulHamid on Twitter (@AmjadAbdelhamid)and One Nine Seven One Media on Twitter (@1971Productions)and Instagram (@1971Media)

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