Ginger and Scotch: Japanese Soba Noodle Class in Highland Park, CA

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Japanese Soba Noodle Class in Highland Park, CASoba Noodles From Scratch
Soba had alluded us.
The kids and I were successful with making homemade ramen, udon, and Chinese egg noodles from scratch even from our first attempt. Not to say that our first attempts were perfect, far from it, but we managed edible and satisfyingly slurpy noodles.
But after tossing two pounds of failed soba noodles into the trash, I was ready to give up. The dough texture was wrong, I couldn’t manage to roll it by hand nor the pasta machine without it falling apart, when I finally coaxed strands of noodles from the dough, they fell apart in the water and tasted terrible. Nothing like how soba noodles should be. I suspected the Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat flour I was using was the wrong kind of buckwheat.
Last summer, while in Los Angeles, I enrolled in a soba making class taught by Sonoko out of her home in Oakland Park. My friend and I arrived a little early to find two other even earlier arrivals already sifting and measuring flour. Sonoko greeted us and served us a refreshing homemade unsweetened iced tea.

Soba Noodle Class with Sonoko Sakai
When the rest of the class arrived, Sonoko dived right into educating us about buckwheat, passed around a jar of hulled and a jar of un-hulled buckwheat berries.
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