: Listerine Takes You Inside The Mouth

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Mouthwash products, particularly dental rinse, have exhibited strong growth in the past few years. They are often described by dental experts as the safest and most effective way to reduce plaque accumulation and improve your overall oral hygiene. Listerine Total Care, with its “Clean Mint” flavor and pleasant taste, is surely a strong contender to conquer the mouthwash industry. It freshens your breath, fights bacterial decay and keeps your teeth naturally white after each use.


The most effective things about Listerine Total Care are its strong protection against plaque, gingivitis and tooth decay; as well as its refreshing flavor and pleasant aftertaste. Its a very strong solution so those with sensitive teeth might need to be careful. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting this free product sample from Listerine along with a Google Cardboard, through which I viewed this witty, innovative product tour video – featuring adorable characters and sleek visual effects, that “takes you inside the mouth”.


listerine-total-careListerine Total Care freshens up the mouth and sweetens the breath but it is not recommended for children under the age of 12. It could be used twice a day, by swishing 20ml of solution vigorously in the mouth for 30 seconds and then spitting out. It provides six unique benefits in one rinse:

1) Kills odor-causing bacteria and harmful germs.

2) Fights against dental plaque and tartar.

3) Prevents gingivitis and strengthens gums.

4) Keeps teeth naturally white and beautiful.

5) Protects against cavities.

6) Provides long-lasting fresh breath.

Buy your Listerine Total Care today and find out why it’s the most complete mouthwash in the world!

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