Fake Plastic Souks: Madam Ghost Village Pano

Posted on the April 16th, 2018 under Personal Bloggers by

Google being brilliant or scary, you call it. If you have an Android mobile and you’re online, then take a number of snaps by rotating yourself, Google will generally recognise it’s a panorama, stitch it and send it back to you. The shot above was from our weekend fossicking around Madam’s ‘Ghost Village’…They did this stunner when we were a-hiking up in the Mourne Mountains a few weeks back. If you think about it, the processing power to analyse the volume of images uploaded to every Android mobile in the world and determine which ones would make a pano is alone a stunning thing…Google’s like Kate Bush’s yoyo that glowed in the dark… what makes them special makes them dangerous…https://youtu.be/pllRW9wETzwThat’s all folks…

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