: TheBeautyDuka: Dubai’s Premier Online Beauty Shop for Natural and Organic African & Black Products

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Beauty products that are full of synthetic chemicals don’t only damage your skin but also don’t produce the most ideal results. Natural, organic and plant-based products – on the other hand – not only nourish your skin and/or hair but often produce far more fantastic results when it comes to styling and lasting durability.

Our today’s find is TheBeautyDuka. A niche online beauty shop, it is “the largest and most reliable providers of African and black beauty products in Dubai”. It boasts of the biggest collection of highly economical and high-quality natural beauty products for skin, hair, makeup, as well as a separate section that features handmade jewellery. Generally, such types of proucts are much pricier but the prices on this marketplace are very reasonable.

I ordered this amazing, highly refreshing NYAH Almond Saffron Shea butter Moisturizing Lotion which was delivered to me pretty fast. The lotion feels rare and special when you open it. Despite its sweet and rich fragrance, it is 100% chemical free and deeply hydrates, restores your dry skin.

Definitely a double thumbs up and highly recommended for all. Visit their website and try for yourself.

: Gifts To Surprise Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday

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Are you running out of ideas? And finding it hard to think of way to knock of your lady’s socks? Well, there are some valuable things which you should keep in mind which will be valuable to impress her. It is the emotion that counts and not the finances. However, don’t go just over the top to impress her because that might seem too fake, keep it simple and sweet. It is not as hard as you think it is, planning a birthday gift for the woman of your dreams shouldn’t be all that difficult. Just a little bit of imagination should work just fine with you.

You want to express your love and appreciation don’t worry, if she really loves you she is not going to judge you love by your price tag. She will definitely love the forethought that goes into it to make the occasion really special for you. Just keep it simple, sweet and thoughtful to create wonderful memories for your loved ones.

How about having a collage made from your favourite photographs. It is sure to overwhelm her as it has some of the wonderful memories attached to it. It may include some of beautiful pictures of your first date, trip or something which has some funny memories attached to it.

You might have always seen her searching for labels but trust me she is going to give you a big hug for thoughtful gift ideas. If she is a perfect movie buff, how about delighting her with favourite movie tickets which she always wanted to watch. A gift of this sort will make her feel that you carefully listen to her and know exactly what she is looking for.

She works heard whole day long and it has been quite impossible for her to find time to spend with you. How about treating her with some relaxation. Go for couple spa vouchers which will soothe her senses and will also give her ample time to spend all by herself.

Oh! And there is absolutely nothing which can beat a birthday without a cake. Send cakes to Dubai from online portal like Ferns N Petals which can deliver you cake late at midnight to make it surprising for your sweetheart. I am sure, she is going to love you more and more for this cute gesture.

: Listerine Takes You Inside The Mouth

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Mouthwash products, particularly dental rinse, have exhibited strong growth in the past few years. They are often described by dental experts as the safest and most effective way to reduce plaque accumulation and improve your overall oral hygiene. Listerine Total Care, with its “Clean Mint” flavor and pleasant taste, is surely a strong contender to conquer the mouthwash industry. It freshens your breath, fights bacterial decay and keeps your teeth naturally white after each use.


The most effective things about Listerine Total Care are its strong protection against plaque, gingivitis and tooth decay; as well as its refreshing flavor and pleasant aftertaste. Its a very strong solution so those with sensitive teeth might need to be careful. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting this free product sample from Listerine along with a Google Cardboard, through which I viewed this witty, innovative product tour video – featuring adorable characters and sleek visual effects, that “takes you inside the mouth”.


listerine-total-careListerine Total Care freshens up the mouth and sweetens the breath but it is not recommended for children under the age of 12. It could be used twice a day, by swishing 20ml of solution vigorously in the mouth for 30 seconds and then spitting out. It provides six unique benefits in one rinse:

1) Kills odor-causing bacteria and harmful germs.

2) Fights against dental plaque and tartar.

3) Prevents gingivitis and strengthens gums.

4) Keeps teeth naturally white and beautiful.

5) Protects against cavities.

6) Provides long-lasting fresh breath.

Buy your Listerine Total Care today and find out why it’s the most complete mouthwash in the world!

The official Facebook page of Listerine Middle East can be found here:


: Alba Car Care: Dubai’s Ultimate Car Detail Shop

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alba-car-careI wanted to get my car detailed for quite some time and, after randomly watching a small billboard of Alba Royal Car Care at Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, I decided to turn the wheels to that direction and try them out. From what I saw while entering the premises, they have a fairly large facility and a sizeable staff wearing a sharp-looking uniform. Proclaiming themselves as the “number 1 car detailing service in Dubai”, they had a nice and quick desk service.

I was given a small form to fill regarding the basic details and also asking for any special instructions I’d like to specify before they begin.  I found their car detailing process to be pretty meticulous and lengthy with the manager constantly briefing me about the specifics such as the use of pH-balanced soap and special microfiber towel while washing the exterior. The next step included careful detailing of dashboard, door panels, console, seat panels, headrests, rubber mats and cargo area. The windows, also, were given a “water-repellent” treatment and I was quite impressed with the shine. While the three guys were detailing the interior, I was shown the exclusive German waxes, cleansers, polishes and conditioners they would use for car polishing after a hand dry finish.  The stuff appeared to be quite expensive and of premium quality.

To sum it up, I was very happy with what I got for only 450 AED and particularly liked the wheel wax treatment which, like everything, lasted quite longer than I had expected. My car interior smelled fresh, pleasant and rejuvenated for various weeks. If you’re looking for a high-quality car detail package in Dubai at a highly economical price, visit Alba Royal Car Care. These guys also provide other services such as window tinting, car wrapping and dent & scratch removal.  Check ’em out and let us know what you think!

: For fresh food-to-go, think Pronto

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Life in Dubai is hectic, fast-paced and intense and sometimes getting hold of an awesome cup of coffee can be very tricky. Our today’s post is special because it reveals the city’s most impressively priced, amazingly chic and easily recommendable coffee-shop-cum-café.

prontoPronto is a “modern bakery cum coffee concept” that serves freshly brewed coffee, fresh bakery items, healthy salads, and even pizza and pasta. The chain has a number of locations within ZOOM outlets and ENOC or EPPCO petrol stations.

This is a unique coffee shop setup worth talking about but, gee, where do I even begin? I’ve been several times, always to buy the sweet stuff (muffins, cookies, biscuits, cream cakes) and wonderfully crafted ready-to-go sandwiches (chicken fiesta, Moroccan chicken, chicken pesto mozzarella). What set them apart are their fantastically fresh and delicious bakery treats and pastries such as croissants, bagel, Danish, quiche, puff pastries, sausage rolls and manakesh. Everything is quickly prepared and served and the prices are unbelievably low.

In short, Pronto is a (suitably named) place where you can find quality food and beverages in almost no time at all. A real winner!

Visit Pronto at select ZOOM stores or ENOC or EPPCO stations today.

Recommended Item(s): build your own (freshly made sandwich), house special (salad), chicken fiesta sandwich, white chocolate mocha, caffé mocha

Do checkout their Facebook page

Green Living in Dubai: A morning spent in Creek Park

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Fake Plastic Souks: Al Nakba

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