Ginger and Scotch: Pasta Machine Review: Marcato Atlas vs Cucina Pro Imperia

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Pasta Machine Review: Marcato Atlas vs Cucina Pro ImperiaWhen your rolling pin can’t get the job done, which pasta machine should you turn to? Here is my review of two Italian-made pasta machines: the Marcato Atlas 150 vs the Imperia 150 pasta machine.
I love the squishy elastic feel of soft dough being kneaded in my bare hands. I enjoy the back and forth motion of rolling out a malleable dough with my rolling pin. I get excited at the final act of wrapping the rolled out dough onto my rolling pin and unfurling it in cascading layers just before it’s cut into long strands of noodles.
But not all noodle dough is like this. Some, like ramen or udon dough, are tough to roll and takes the fun out of the noodle-making process.
Which is when you need a pasta machine to bring back the fun.
My husband bought a hand-crank pasta machine on a whim one afternoon. He and our son used it that very day to make Italian pasta but it took me weeks before I touched it myself. You see, I wanted to make all my noodles by hand.
But when our ramen dough wouldn’t budge to any amount of fist thumping or rolling pin whacking, I relented to gadget help and took out the pasta machine and it transformed our entire experience.
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