: TheBeautyDuka: Dubai’s Premier Online Beauty Shop for Natural and Organic African & Black Products

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Beauty products that are full of synthetic chemicals don’t only damage your skin but also don’t produce the most ideal results. Natural, organic and plant-based products – on the other hand – not only nourish your skin and/or hair but often produce far more fantastic results when it comes to styling and lasting durability.

Our today’s find is TheBeautyDuka. A niche online beauty shop, it is “the largest and most reliable providers of African and black beauty products in Dubai”. It boasts of the biggest collection of highly economical and high-quality natural beauty products for skin, hair, makeup, as well as a separate section that features handmade jewellery. Generally, such types of proucts are much pricier but the prices on this marketplace are very reasonable.

I ordered this amazing, highly refreshing NYAH Almond Saffron Shea butter Moisturizing Lotion which was delivered to me pretty fast. The lotion feels rare and special when you open it. Despite its sweet and rich fragrance, it is 100% chemical free and deeply hydrates, restores your dry skin.

Definitely a double thumbs up and highly recommended for all. Visit their website and try for yourself.

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