Ginger and Scotch: Transfer Handy Cookbook Recipes to the Paprika Recipe App

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Transfer Handy Cookbook Recipes to the Paprika Recipe AppThe Handy Cookbook app will no longer be supported by Apple. Save all your recipes by following these directions to transfer them over to the Paprika app.
The Handy Cookbook app for iPhone was probably the first app I ever payed money for. It was 2 months after I had my first iPhone and free apps were the way to go for me. But that $1.99 (plus $0.18 tax) was a heavily researched purchase and probably the only app purchase for that and the next few years.
I transferred all my recipes onto Handy Cookbook and for the next 7 years, enjoyed having all my recipes at my fingertips.
But Handy Cookbook hasn’t been updated since October 2014 and my iPhone keeps alerting me that the app won’t be supported soon. I emailed the developer of Handy Cookbook for a help but have not received a reply. So I needed to find a way to preserve all my recipes.
After looking into alternative app options, I settled on the Paprika app and paid a whopping $4.99! A small price to pay though to avoid losing all of my recipes.
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