Ginger and Scotch: Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Cà Ri Gà)

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Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Cà Ri Gà)Make this Vietnamese chicken curry with store-bought or with my homemade Vietnamese curry powder. Like all stews, it tastes better the next day and also freezes very well.
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Vietnamese chicken curry (or cà ri gà) is a simple stew that is a wonderfully flavorful and cooks up super fast. It also works well with duck drumsticks but will require a longer cooking time.
It’s best to use Vietnamese curry powder which is what gives this dish its unique flavors. If you can’t find Viet curry powder in your local Asian grocery store, you can make your own with my recipe here. You can also substitute Madras curry powder which will work but won’t taste as authentic.
The recipe is simple:

marinate chicken
heat oil and toss in garlic
brown chicken
toss in everything else (except coconut milk)
cover ingredients with water and simmer 30 minutes
add coconut milk and simmer a further 10 minutes and you’re done!

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